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she just needs someone to remind her about it

Our mission is to inspire every woman to become the best version of herself: to be healthy,  well and free. We are 2000 members strong and counting! Building a community and creating events around physical and emotional wellbeing.


Let's create a balanced life full of meaning, purpose and creative flow! 



Such an amazing feeling of unity, friendly and supportive atmosphere and a great place for self-realization and grows in so many ways!
I love supergirls because it is a diverse group of women who come together to promote a healthy lifestyle. I like to go to their events because I feel happier, stronger and empowered when I join forces with other SUPER girls!
I like Supergirls Club, because girls put their whole soul and love into it, in order to make themselves and other girls in San Francisco better every day. For example, the monthly morning yogaout is not just a functional training and yoga, but also a huge charge of mood and vivacity for the whole week. 
Supergirls Club is organic and one also gets  to work out and do yoga with very cool minded people. Not everyone is from the same place nor is everyone very similar to one another, this diversity is powerful within this group. 

Lily Chan

I've met a lot of really amazing girls on the first Supergirls Yoga event, who I love to spend time with even now, doing lots of other activities together. It's just a great community of girls, constantly helping each other and simply being GIRLS, you know!

Maisa Mumtaz

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