Do what you think you can't, everything starts with thoughts in your head.

September 6, 2017


Supergirls are excited to invite you to the continuation of #Storytelling series.

You know my name. Not my story.

This is a story about a part of my life. A very important one, but yet just a small part of the whole.

I came to a gymnastics class at the age of 6. The instructor told my mother that I did not fit. "Your girl is too big for this". It did not stop us. For some time I was engaged in gymnastics, even performed in front of audiences. Next came choreography, rock'n'roll and other active dances. Since early childhood sport has become a huge part of my life. Almost every day after school I would go to the other end of my town for training. Then fitness came around. It started with video-lessons on VHS cassettes, where women wearing bright swimsuits and tights would dance and move to the music. :)

Time passed, people around, cities and work changed. Then running came to my life. Miles of peach fields in a Ukrainian town of Bakhchysarai were replaced by races in Kiev. After one of the races, I could not feel my leg at the finish line. A surgeon looked at the X-ray and said:"Forget it all! Not only running, any sports! Don’t even think of having kids! Your spine needs to be screwed in place with metal bolts and you’ll have to spend the rest of your life at home!". Since my childhood I had worked hard helping my mother. Running just revealed all the consequences. I couldn’t disagree more with this diagnosis, which at the time sounded like a death sentence. This can’t be the end of it! Through tears I walked a lot every day. Then I switched to functional training, even though I was so permeated with fear that every movement was a challenge.

Another X-ray one year later "It's incredible!" — exclaimed the doctor. "Your tissue has restored by 60%! It's impossible with an issue like that!".

I didn't allow myself to stop. I wanted to move. To me, being free is the freedom to feel and control your body! The resources of our bodies are endless. I love life. I have huge plans. I want to leave my mark, help people and be useful.

Do what you think you can't, everything starts with thoughts in your head.

Story by Katya Grozyan



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