You say: You know my name. Not my story. We say: Speak your heart.

September 6, 2017

How much time do we need to know the person? One second to remember the name, an hour to learn the nature, a week to figure out the habits, a month to become friends, a year to fall in love, a life to forget. Thousands of stories pass us by every day. Stories of strangers. How much time are you ready to spend for a stranger to listen to his story? 

Supergirls want to invite you to the Storytelling series. We’d like you to meet Supergirls all over the world, to listen to their stories and try to know them. Maybe one story is enough to discover the Supergirl inside yourself? Maybe 30 seconds is a fair deal to give a chance for a stranger to become a familiar?


You say: You know my name. Not my story. 
We say: Speak your heart.

"Hi. I am a dancer. 
Being shy from the childhood, and timid in the way I moved, I was still listening favorite tracks, picturing music in shapes and dreaming how wonderful it would be to make it visible, to draw an image with movement brushes. 
I went through different phases in my career, being an architect, a designer, a software engineer, and finally - a dancer.
We could fight the whole life for something we build for profit or different ideologies we connected to, but when we face something truly ours, we have no doubts anymore. Life became fuller, and mind became clearer, it pierces you in a second with understanding that you’re in the right place and a puzzle is coming together. 
Yes, this is love. I’m passionately in love with what I do. 
Like every other job it takes a lot of work if you want to become a professional, but when I'm dancing - I'm happy, I'm full, I'm breathing, I live.
Life's obstacles change, sometimes people come and go, but music and movement unchangeably stay with me.
It doesn’t matter how broken the world around me, as soon as I start dancing - it fixes me. I forget about troubles and pain, then embrace it, and give my brain new space to deal with it.
Dancing is healing, and desire to share this with others lit me up as soon as I realized it. 
Now I want to share my precious secret with others: to help to be happier, healthier, lighter, more balanced, to see how unique and powerful our bodies are, and how free our minds could be while we are reconnecting with ourselves. Since then my life filled with meaning.
Dance, love, explore!"

Story by Julia Gladysh



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