Guilt-free pleasures

October 11, 2017

Making homemade candies and sweets can be exhausting, take a lot of time and add up a lot of extra calories to our daily budget.

Recently we had a cooking class with Maryna Vermishian, who showed us that this process can be fun and the sweets can be healthy. 

First, we made raw candies that we not only enjoyed eating but also had a pleasure to make. Then she showed us how to quickly make a raw cake, using healthy and simple ingredients without using an oven or a stovetop.

We are happy to share this experience with you by posting the recipes here.


Share your experience if you got a chance to make any of these and definitely take a picture to show off your cooking skills! 


Raw candies


List of Ingredients:


300 lb - coconut flakes

450 lb - almond flour

50 ml Maple syrup 

50 ml coconut oil 

20 lb - raw cocoa powder




Combine all dry and wet ingredients in a mixing bowl except the cocoa powder. To mix up the ingredients, use your hands gently pressing the mixture it comes together. 

Roll out small balls and place them on a plate with cocoa powder. 

Keep your handmade candies in a fridge.


Raw cake


List of Ingredients:


100 lb Dates

120 lb Sliced raw almonds

4 Fresh coconuts

50 lb Almond butter/paste

100-130 lb Maple Syrup (Honey, agave syrup, dates is optional)

55 lb Coconut oil

55 lb Coconut butter (cocoa butter works)

Juice of 1 lemon

3 Small spoons of vanilla extract

Cake form 




Note, you may need more coconuts if they are too green and barely have any meat.


Pit the dates and place them in a blender, add 2-3 dessert spoons of maple syrup and blend until the mixture gets sticky. Place the “dough” in a mixing bowl, add sliced raw almonds and mix together with your fingers. Oil the cake form with coconut oil. Cover the bottom of the cake form with a thin layer of the “dough” gently pressing it down with your fingers. Once done, put in a freezer for 2-4 hours.


Mash coconut meat in a blender, I recommend a very powerful blender like Vitamix. If you decided to go for another device, separate the coconut meat into two parts and blend them in batches. 

Add maple syrup, almond butter, coconut oil, coconut butter (if using cocoa butter, melt it in a sauce pot), lemon juice, vanilla extract and a small glass of coconut water. 

Blend until smooth,

Feel free to add coconut water if needed during the blending process, you want the mixture to be sticky, yet soft.


Take the cake form out of the freezer and pour the mixture in there. Wiggle the cake form from side to side to let the dough set up, hit the cake form against a counter to make the air bubbles out of the mixture and put in a freezer overnight.


Next morning take the cake form out of the freezer and take the top part out. Place the cake in a fridge to defrost for at least 8 hours before serving. You can decorate the cake with your favorite ingredients.



If you don’t know where to buy the ingredients, here are some suggestions from Maryna:


Judicious – here you can purchase raw candy and cakes

Rainbow Grocery – an excellent place for vegetarian and vegan ingredients

You can also look for some natural and vegan ingredients at a designated area at Whole Foods. If you are not sure when it is, ask a cashier and they will happily point you in the right direction.



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