Mindful Holiday Guide

December 8, 2017

The ho ho holidays are here:)

It's time for parties, connecting with your loved ones, and lots (AND LOTS) of yummy treats. This time of year is filled with new memories, laughter, and meaningful connections, so why is it also so darn stressful for some people?  Well, we Supergirls know some mindfulness tricks that keep stress from ruining our fun - and our waistlines. Kristen Joy, the creator of Voluptuous Life  shares mindfulness tips for any holiday situation out there.

Mindful Money

Yes, flights, hotels, and gift-giving can be expensive, but Supergirls can use their mindfulness power to spend less and make more. Here's how:


  • Cut back on "unnecessary" spending. Cut out pedis during the winter months when your feet are stuffed into boots anyway. Make a home-made meal then curl up with a good book or movie at home, instead of spending money out. Find cool outfit ideas on Pinterest and have fun recreating them with items you already have in your closet, instead of shopping.

  • In January, continue to cut back a little, but find fun ways to earn some extra cash. Sell unwanted items online or pick up a part-time job babysitting or personal assisting on Craigslist or TaskRabbit. Have a garage sale with neighbors or friends. Besides earning some extra money, you may even discover new hobbies and meet new friends along the way!

Source: Tumblr


Mindful Interactions


We love our friends and family but we don't always see eye to eye.  Disagreements can arise - and alcohol usually doesn't help. 

  • When conversations start to get heated, ask yourself "Would I rather be right, or be happy?" If the answer is "Be happy!", take a deep breath, smile and give up the fight - for now at least. Sometimes enjoying yourself is more important than winning that argument.

  • If you're going to see a temperamental person, decide ahead of time to take an approach of fun over fighting.  You can even ask them to share something they are really proud of or excited about. People love to talk about themselves and feel appreciated. Maybe that will even give you a chance to share something you're super proud of!


Mindful Mishaps


Flights get delayed. We get stuck in traffic when we're running late. Travel companions get grumpy. We forget to pack things we feel we just can't live without.

  • You can use your superpowers for good by simply planning ahead. Pack snacks.  Download podcasts, audio books and music to your phone. Buy a pack of conversation cards to keep interesting discussions happening during boring downtime. Bring a notebook for journaling or doodling. Listen to guided meditations. Read, play travel-sized games or take a nap. 

  •  Make a checklist of things you need to pack and/or start setting them aside now if you won't need them before your trip. Make sure all of your important travel documents are up to date. Fill your car with gas the day before you need it so you won't be rushing around at the last moment.

Source: wehearit.com


Mindful Munching (and drinking)

There are so many delicious holiday temptations. You won't have to miss out on any of the fun or pay the price of overindulging with the tricks below. 


  • When drinking alcohol, drink a glass of water in between each cocktail. Finish one drink. Drink one glass of water. Not only will it slow you down,  but it will also help you stay hydrated, which is key to avoiding a hangover. 

  • If you're heading to a party or big dinner,  make healthier choices earlier in the day, so you can splurge more when it counts. For example, have a filling green smoothie for breakfast and a large healthy salad for lunch and then whatever you really want at the party.  Follow the same approach a day or 2 after indulging and you'll have had all the fun without any of the regrets.

See Supergirls, Mindfulness is one of the greatest superpowers you have - and it is ALWAYS at your disposal. Use it often and your holidays will be filled with peace and joy.


For more food tips during the holidays, visit Voluptuous Life and sign up to get a free healthy eating guide.


Kristen Joy

Wellness, Personal Development & Meditation Coach. 
Creator of  Voluptuous Life

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