2018 Goals: Are you on track?

March 22, 2018

It's hard to believe that nearly 3 months of 2018 have already drifted away. Many of us wanted this year to be different, so we made resolutions hoping to set a new tone for things to come. Unfortunately, by now, many of us have also fallen off that positive intention wagon because, well....LIFE.  If you've broken your resolution(s), or you didn't even bother to make any because you know they always fail, don't worry,  you are not alone, AND, it's not your fault.  Statistics show that 80% of resolutions are broken within the first few weeks. Instead of feeling disappointed in ourselves, it's time to realize the simple truth: resolutions are an extremely flawed model and there's a better way!


I do love to start the new year in a powerful way but I also believe in the real power behind assessing and reassessing our lives on a regular basis. I believe new goals should be

1. created

2. attempted

3. modified

4. adopted OR discarded on a quarterly basis or so.


So the good news is, it is never too late to start again. And again.




So, keeping that in mind, are you ready for a new plan to achieve your 2018 goals? 


Right now I want you to pick one goal that you really, deeply, truly, achingly yearn to achieve.  Not one you THINK you should do.  Or one that you KIND OF want to do.  I'm talking about one that will make you super duper excited to finally, once and for all, achieve.  Take a minute to really think about it.

Do you have one in mind? 

OK, now I want you to write down a handful of ways you can make achieving that goal MORE FUN.  


Let me give you some examples. According to a recent YouGov survey, there was a three-way tie of the most common goals for 2018. They were to eat healthier, get more exercise and save more money. So, if your ACHING DESIRE this year is to eat healthier, the first thing you need to decide is what eating healthier even means to you. Go ahead and think about that.  What in your mind would make your diet healthier?


Let's say you decide that eating healthier means eating vegetables at every meal.  I now want you to write down 5 specific ways you can make eating vegetables MORE FUN. 

Here are a few examples:  


1. Plan vegetarian potlucks every couple of weeks with your closest friends.  Pick a date and send out an invite for the 1st one right away.

2. Research organic, farm to table restaurants on Yelp and make a plan to join friends at one every week or 2. Put the 1st date on the calendar right now- and plan to order a few vegetable sides to share with the table.

3. Challenge your co-workers to a funny salad photo contest every Monday. Tag each other on Instagram.

4. Pretend you and your roommate, friend or partner have a cooking show while making your next veggie dish at home.

5. For every 10 kale salads you eat, reward yourself with something non-food related, like a trip to the movies or a chair massage.


Go ahead and give this approach a shot. 

Choose your most desired goal. 

Be specific about what achieving that goal looks like. 

Come up with at least 5 specific ways to make achieving that goal more fun. 

Do them.

After a month, take inventory of how you did. 

Did you make some of the intended changes? 

And most importantly, did those changes make you happier or make your life better in some way? 


Take some time to write down your accomplishments and the effects they had.  If you had positive results, keep going.  If you didn't, decide honestly whether that goal was really that meaningful to you in the first place.  If the answer is yes, it is, try again.  Consider hiring a coach to give you more effective tools and to hold you accountable.  If it turns out that goal really wasn't that important- let it go.  Choose again.  Life is too important to beat ourselves up over something that isn't that beneficial to our well-being in the first place. 


Remember, Supergirls, every day is a chance to start again.  Thank goodness you don't have to wait until 2019, even though it's only 9 months away.... 

The celebration is now. Happy New Day! 


Kristen Joy

Wellness, Female Empowerment & Meditation Coach. 
Creator of  Voluptuous Life, dedicated to Abundant Health & Happiness for All, through Conscious Living

Follow Kristen on Instagram: @voluptuouslife

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2018 Goals: Are you on track?

March 22, 2018

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