Women in Health & Wellness: Interview with Sam DE BROUWER, COO of Healthcare Start Up Doc.ai

July 9, 2018



Sam De Brouwer is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at doc.ai, a blockchain based AI platform for personalized health insights and predictive models. Sam moved to the US to found a medical device company with as first commercial product the FDA cleared 1 minute urine test. Sam started her entrepreneurial career in the nineties by starting one of the first successful employment websites in Europe which merged with eight similar sites before it went public on the London Stock Exchange. 

Daria: How did you come up with the idea for your business?


Sam: I have been an entrepreneur in tech and science for the last 25 years, but my deep dive in healthcare started after a life altering life event, the accident of my youngest son.It was back in 2005 before, and back then we even did not have smart phones. I remember not being able to cope with the reality of doctors "guessing" and we, patients "gambling" and I still don't , so I am trying to bring more precision, more symmetry between patients, the healthcare industry and the scientific community.


Daria: What are your business plans and challenges?


Sam: I am building an ecosystem that enables people to collect and own their medical data, to get predictive insights as well as being the direct beneficiary of the financial value of their data by participating in data trials. It is an exchange built on Ethereum using crypto economy to market the millions of biomarkers in our bodies without compromising security, ownership and privacy. There are no shortage of challenges in healthcare, important ones are scale and adoption.


Daria: What values come first in your brand?


Sam: We believe in talent, fairness and excellence. Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of healthcare with the power of machine intelligence to enable anyone to live a better and uncluttered life while helping the human race one step forward. We care about people and believe they should own their medical data and train their own AI because it is theirs and it is valuable. That is why we are helping bring it all to one place to get predictive insights and help accelerate research by sharing, selling, or donating your data whenever you want, with whomever you want.


Daria: What is hot in Health & Wellness right now and where do you see it heading?

Sam: AI, genetics and nutrition are probably in the top 3. I don't have a glass bowl but clearly we're heading towards more precise ways of practicing medicine, and hopefully more data driven too. Also more machine intelligence, AI to augment human capacity and scale because we have a shortage of human medical experts.


Daria: What advice would you give to someone starting a company in the health & wellness space?


Sam: To anyone starting a company I would advise to surround yourself with great mentors who have experience in starting companies from the scratch, and while keeping it real, people who will give you a tap on the shoulder because this is a roller coster.

I don't have experience in wellness but starting in health and medical, today, I would advise to give a lot of attention to 1. your team and 2. your business model with always thinking about scale.


#womeninwellness #womeninhealthwellness

About the author:

Daria Tsvenger is a co-founder of Supergirls Club - women-focused health & wellness community. She is also a yoga teacher and the ultimate powerhouse of creativity.  She can be found on instagram @dariatsvenger






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