Women in Health & Wellness: Interview with Tash Jefferies, a best-selling author of The Little Book of Green Minutes

August 2, 2018


Tash Jefferies is a best-selling author of the book - The Little Book of Green Minutes and Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Hirekind.io, who found her new passion through the wellness journey.

Daria: What inspired you to work in this industry?


Tash: I ended up coming to the wellness industry straight from 7 years of working in management consulting. The switch came right after I caught viral meningitis in December of 2011. It was an already traumatic year for me as I lost my oldest brother to cancer, and nearly lost another brother less than a month later (he thankfully survived and is healthy now!), and was stressed with trying to keep up with my work. I decided to transform my life and find purpose again, which lead me to write a best-selling book called The Little Book of Green Minutes that was devoted to helping people get back to a simpler, healthier lifestyle again. I started to share the principles I used to heal myself holistically, which lead me to start speaking and build up my social media profiles as well. 


Daria: Tell us about your transition - why did you decide to do it?


Tash: My viral meningitis was a blessing in disguise. I was beginning to go down a path in my life where work was just work, had nothing to do with my passion or purpose, and I was running on autopilot. When I got sick, I had time to think, and more importantly, feel something again. I realized what I wanted to be was self-expressed, enjoy my life, and be a stand for something bigger.


Daria: What challenges do you see in your business?


Tash: I'm a woman of color, who has consistently made choices throughout my career to venture into areas where I am usually the only one who looks like me in a room. That has been a challenge itself, realizing that there rarely are people around who may understand or relate to my journey. Other than that, I think the biggest challenge is properly accessing capital and investment opportunities like white straight males. However, what I see more is the opportunity for women and people of color to create and develop thriving businesses, so that we don't always have to rely on access to capital to grow our businesses.  


Daria: Any health & wellness routines that you follow?


Tash: The law of attraction is something I believe in strongly, so each morning and bedtime I review my manifestation list - the things I want to bring into existence. Also, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness are just as important to me as physical health, so I have weekly walks in nature to help me clear my mind and spirit, and relax. 


Daria: What advice can you give to people who want to switch careers and start to work in wellness?


Tash: Start from passion, because that's what people can feel the most. When I started working in wellness, I had no idea that it would help me incorporate another passion of mine (digital and social media strategy), and help me also transition to that work! Follow your flow, your creativity, and where the groundswell of opportunity is leading you. 


Also, be sure to ask for help! You don't have to do this alone. Build your community around you and share resources. I have friends and colleagues in wellness who I have worked with for years and still work with, even though my work has shifted. 


Daria: What are your 3 inspirational companies in health & wellness?


TashMindfresh.co - I think Jen knows how to bring western and eastern wellness principles together in a way that is engaging, useful and always fresh!

Awakened With JP - I love this show because I think sometimes health and wellness folks can take this work way too seriously. I love the way he is able to put a funny spin on what those of us within this industry can make so serious :). 

Abraham-Hicks - I think that health is more holistic than many of us realize. The teachings of Abraham help me remember to keep the mental, emotional and spiritual spaces just as healthy as the physical ones. They have a daily newsletter that helps keep me mindful. 


Daria: What would you like to see for the health and wellness movement in the future?


Tash: I would love to see the mental and emotional well-being parts come to the forefront of the movement. I still believe that the industry/sector focuses too much on the physical, which is only a part of wellness in general. As a global society, we are in need of a re-balance of emotional expression and need to create more widespread solutions for depression and aggressive behavior. I would love to see more wellness experts devoting time to bringing forward solutions like these, globally. 


#womeninwellness #womeninhealthwellness 


About the author:

Daria Tsvenger is a co-founder of Supergirls Club - women-focused health & wellness community. She is also a yoga teacher and the ultimate powerhouse of creativity.  She can be found on instagram @dariatsvenger



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