Women in Health & Wellness: Interview with Auroshikha, founder of Zydness

August 23, 2018



Auroshikha is an ardent Yoga practitioner, tech-entrepreneur and an author in the making. She is currently passionate about performing arts, wellness and how its consumed in this era of digitalisation. She can be reached for private or group sessions, talks, mentorship and more, through her company at zydness.com.

Daria: How did you come up with the idea for your business?


Auroshikha: I was visiting my sister in a different city, and saw her ordering food with such an ease on her phone, while i was struggling to find a good yoga class around - that was of my level, skillset and interest. I realized how difficult it was to find classes of other disciplines when finding mainstream yoga was so challenging. This was 3 years ago. Even though the landscape has improved a lot yet a lot remains to be done.


DariaWhat are your business plans and challenges?


Auroshikha: Everyone needs to have 2-3 meals a day, and they do. Everyone must pursue a discipline to physical transformation as well, however it is not as easy to access or made easier, as compared to how everything else is consumed.

For instance if we look around, we will find how easy it is to access what caters to our primary daily activities like, what we eat, wear, read, do, or socialize. However, it isn't necessarily conducive to pursuing any discipline besides the job, especially if you're a working adult. One can aspire for it but the groundwork itself is daunting enough to deter many and am not even talking about pursuing mainstream arts like Ballet, Martial Arts or even Aerial Arts. Given the distraction with an environment of information overdose, I feel a lot more could be done with the right kind of framework that can incentify people to choose and pursue their kind of physical transformation with the help of technology. My plan is to address this crucial need to maintain our holistic well-being by making it easy to follow such aspirations through cross training in disciplines.


DariaWhat values come first in your brand?


Auroshikha: Practice as a priority, and everything that drives you towards that discipline is what Zydness stands for. Even though it came about as an acronym for Zumba, Yoga, Dance, Ninjutsu, Exercise, Sports and Specials. Each discipline lends its values accordingly,

Z: Zeal, Y: yielding to the higher self, D: determination to discipline, N: novelty in execution, E: enterprising, S: simplicity, S: straightforward to our mission.


Daria: What is hot in Health & Wellness right now and where do you see it heading?


Auroshikha: Every sector has certain trends that come and go in cycles. So it will be safe to say that Yoga and Ayurveda with its manifestation in various forms and styles, is quite hot now and are here to stay given the instant benefits practitioners feel. I see so many studios and wellness centers sprawling up on a daily basis who pick up one thing out of the old textbooks, and make it the highlight trying to showcase it as new and hot. But that's just good marketing! Like right now it's centers that encourage talks focusing on women's sexuality or products that are absolutely organic and natural. I hope it's all heading to find a way that can be sustainable for long term.


Daria: What advice would you give to someone starting a company in the wellness space?


Auroshikha: I feel its essential to know the meaning of true wellness before we build the economics of it. Understanding the overall impact truly well so we can choose the lesser evil each time. For instance if you're packaging your natural beauty products with plastic or non renewable material, you are not thinking it through the entire value chain. The buck doesn't stop at the consumer, it begins there. So knowing the entire cycle well and understanding it through its backward, forward, vertical and horizontal integrations and then being able to stay absolutely convinced that you can still add value to propagate wellness; is a principle that I feel is compelling given the planet's condition today.


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About the author:

Daria Tsvenger is a co-founder of Supergirls Club - women-focused health & wellness community. She is also a yoga teacher and the ultimate powerhouse of creativity.  She can be found on instagram @dariatsvenger



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