Co-founder & Community Director 

A power connector and engaging speaker, Daria is passionate about all aspects of physical and emotional health. In her free time, Daria enjoys teaching yoga and giving talks about practical neuroscience. She is also the founder of BrainPowerHub.

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Daria Tsvenger

Svetlana Smirnova

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

Svetlana (aka "Sveta", aka "Lana") is inspired by all things education, art, and psychology. A believer in lifelong learning, she thinks Human intelligence can eat AI for breakfast. 

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Aleksandra Smelianska

Community manager

Aleksandra is product, community, and technology obsessed. Passionate about businesses that strive to make a positive impact in the world, health and wellness, sustainability, and using technology to improve people’s lives.

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NYC Chapter Leader

Monica is a high school teacher in Brooklyn. When she's not sharing her favorite books with her students, she can be found leading yoga classes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

She is especially interested in how self-care and mindfulness can support women.

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Monica Monfre

Community manager

Leah is constantly curious and appreciates learning/trying new things. Lover of innovation, traveling, cooking, live music, anything outdoors, and most recently reading. She is fascinated by mental health and all of the components that contribute toward it.

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Leah Liebler

Instagram manager

Kara is originally from New Jersey and has been in the Bay Area for over a year. She has a degree in Marketing and creates content for our Instagram page.


She loves all types of dance, hiking, traveling, and weightlifting.

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Kara Schwartz

Head of Content & Editorial

Anne-Sophie ("Sophie" to English speaking friends) is a freelance marketer and community builder. Originally from France, she grew up in a culture that prizes health and wellbeing and has always had a deep appreciation for the many elements that compose a balanced life. She's a big fan of sunshine, cats, good food and good company.

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Anne-Sophie Bousset

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