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Launching a Health & Wellness product or service is can be a tough and lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be this way. SupergirlsClub is on a mission to help Health & Wellness businesses navigate the industry and connect with their target audience.

Our services

  • Market & Competitor Analysis: understand the unique value of your brand

  • Consumer/User research: find your ideal customer and their needs

  • Marketing strategy: learn strategies to reach the target audience on your time and budget

  • Community management: build and grow a loyal following

  • Event planning: plan events that wow everyone


We are excited to learn about your business and help you grow! 

Why SupergirlsClub?

  • We are the largest and fastest growing Health & Wellness community in the Bay Area

  • Our team has years of experience in Marketing and Community building specifically for Health & Wellness industry

  • We understand the needs of small brands and individual practitioners and how to help them grow

  • We know the industry trends and audience both in the US and internationally

  • We care about closing the knowledge gap in Health & Wellness and promoting the good work of subject matter experts in the field

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